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June 22, 2012

Between their base in the Lockyer Valley and extensive touring throughout regional and rural Australia, the music has evolved in an unsurprising direction. “The songs and arrangements are much more country-orientated than their previous balls-out-rock counterparts,” explains Marty.

This makes sense when you consider Marty’s credentials. Signed to a major label at just 16, he toured the globe and relocated to Nashville in 1996. He’s recorded a swag of albums for various USA-based and Australian country artists and has played for most A-List country acts throughout Australia to American artists like Texan sensation, Drew Womak. He was co-awarded Victorian Country Music Band of the Year 2006, MOE Awards 2005 and Tamworth Songwriters Association Album of the Year 2006 for his work with The Vibe and, well… you get the picture.

The new release is set for June 2012, PREORDER your copy now! Plans to visit the USA in late 2012 are also in the pipeline.


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